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Consultation services and individual/group training & workshops

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Advice and training is available on a range of subjects related to the use of music for health and wellbeing. Training is available for individuals or groups with content adapted to suit the needs of those attending.


Workshops will typically include a presentation/written materials with talking points, interaction and some experiential elements to have a go at. 


A range of introductory workshops and trainings are available and may be grouped into a series. Sessions typically last 1.5 to 2.5 hours and topics available include: 

  • Music for wellbeing (general introduction)
  • Music for wellbeing (self-care)
  • Music and dementia care (introduction)
  • Music and communication (children)
  • Music and communication (PMLD)
  • Playing together: Connection (musicians and performers)
  • Music and autism (introduction)
  • Music for Health & Wellbeing: Relaxation and regulation 
  • Music for Health & Wellbeing: Stimulation 
  • Using playlists to support wellbeing (self care)
  • Using playlists to support wellbeing (others)
  • Music & the body/brain

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All of the bands and duos Holly works with are able to provide a full concert/gig programme. Usually this is an hour long set or two 45-minute spots - but we are happy to discuss your requirements.

Holly and friends also regularly provide background music for events - perfect for when people mingle or are eating. From relaxed gallery openings, to garden parties, exhibitions and pub/restaurant nights to formal corporate events, we can help.



Holly works with a number of experienced public entertainers who are used to performing outdoors in all sorts of conditions! From moving around a showground to standing in a field, playing on a boat to processing down the high street or sitting round a camp fire, we've been there and done it all!

We can provide musicians to play acoustically to entertain your crowds - complete with themed costumes if required. Ideal for festivals, fetes, medieval days, pirate days, carnival processions and more.



If you’re looking to hold a ceilidh/twmpath/barn dance ask the experts to help.

Supplying musicians and a caller to lead you through the dances, you can be sure everyone from children to novice dancers will enjoy a fun evening of good music and dancing. Dances in the repertoire include offerings from Wales, England, Scotland, Brittany and beyond. If you have any special requests just let us know.



Working together Holly and her musician colleague Jess Ward are able to provide a range of workshops perfect for everyone from 8 to 80 and beyond! Choose from:

  • folk tunes
  • beginners slow tune sessions
  • improvisation
  • folk orchestra
  • social dance
  • European dance
  • border morris dancing

Workshops can be tailored to the age range and experience of your group. Hour long, half day and full day workshops are available. Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.



With more than 40 years' playing experience, Holly has plenty of knowledge to share. If you have always wanted to pick up the violin but have never got round to it, are a beginner or intermediate player wishing t0 gain more confidence or learn some folk tunes, learnt as a child and wish to pick up the instrument again after a long break, or want help to get the confidence to play in public, Holly can help. It's never too late to give it a go and make music!


Music Therapy in West Wales

Music therapist Holly Robinson is based in Pembrokeshire and also works in Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

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